Thank you Chattral.  Earrings arrived this morning and they are perfect.  I have wanted these for a while but missed them when they were on your online shop.  I get a lot of positive comments about your earrings and I always feel good wearing them.  I’m determined to do my 6o’s in style and you’re helping me with that.

P. Gardner

Hi Chattral , thank you so much i love them all . it was just like xmas, opening up all the little packages, my daughter has already stolen the hoop pearl ones, !!they are really beautiful pieces. I will need another couple to open at xmas. Have a think , maybe amethyst  ..turquoise. lapis and garnet. 4x pair in total. My favorite designs are Rose, Elizabeth, classic ,  bisque dangle (with pearls).  A pair that i got in Yamba, were like a classic design with little seed pearls in chrysophrase . (rose design )? But i will let u have a little break, and ring you when i get home , in the mean time you can check what stones you have. Also a big thank you for my presents from you, they were very much appreciated, thank you again so much.

Keep up the beautiful work.


I am a sales rep and travel to Inverell. It was there at my fave store Me and Mr Jones that I discovered your jewellery.  Gave some earrings to my sister for Xmas which she loved so she looked you up and told me that you were having an online sale.   Really amazing jewellery!

 K.  Wilcock

Hi Chattral,  I'm Susan's husband and she has forward this on to me as a nun-to-subtle hint of a birthday present. I would like to buy the green Chrysophrase bracelet from you but I can't find it on your website. Can you advise me on the best and fastest way to get this bracelet down to Sydney.  As usual, I've left getting her a gift a little late.  Look forward to hearing from you.


Hi Chattral,  I received my gorgeous ring and earrings in the post on Friday thank-you.


I am lucky enough to have several Chattral pieces of jewellery. Every piece is a true treasure. The quality is impeccable and the designs are truly unique and special.Chattral's designs are so versatile... good for casual and formal wear alike. I always get compliments on the pieces I wear. I love wearing Chattral's designs, and I commend her on her commitment to women's happiness!

J. Wilke

"I have at least 10 of Chattral's pieces.  I love how they look and so does everyone else.  I am always being asked "Where did you buy that?" I travel overseas a lot and I can honestly say that Chattral's work is world class!    At the moment, I am crazy about the long necklaces with the gold pieces and have started collecting them in different colors.  Divine!"

L. Rankin